Seattle, WA

  • Adam Harmetz

    Vice President – Collaborative Apps and Platforms, Microsoft

    Adam is a Vice President of product management in the Collaborative Apps and Platforms organization at Microsoft. He has 19 years of experience in content management and employee experience product design and driving customer success for organizations large and small. His team is focused on integrating the SharePoint experience inside Microsoft Teams and helping generate the next decade of intranet innovation with new products like Microsoft Viva Topics, Viva Connections, and Viva Amplify. He lives in Kirkland, WA with his wife (a director of product at an education startup) and two kids. Check out his and his wife's writings on career, parenting, and life at

  • Alex Terentiev

    Senior Dev Engineer @Microsoft. Microsoft 365 PnP Team Member.

    Alex is a senior development engineer at Microsoft responsible for the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development model. Before joining Microsoft, Alex has been working with SharePoint and Office 365 for more than 13 years, focusing on building custom SharePoint/Office 365 solutions. He was leading development of various SharePoint products, being used by hundreds of companies all over the world. Having very strong background in front-end development, he is riding the modern web development wave and helping community with learning latest development techniques. Alex is a member of Microsoft 365 PnP Team, regular contributor to Microsoft 365 PnP initiative and maintainer of PnP Reusable Controls repositories.

  • Amanda Rivera

    Program Manager, Power BI, Microsoft

    Amanda Rivera has been a program manager on the Power BI team for 9 years. During this time, she has worked on many areas of the product, including community engagement, admin experiences in the Power BI service, visual and reporting, and bringing data exploration features to a broader audience. She’s currently the lead for the PM team focused on report creation and exploration features. She’s introduced users to new and improved Power BI features through the product’s blog and YouTube channel, and helped both new and experienced users expand their skill set through numerous conference sessions.

  • Andrew Klutz

    Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Teams

    Andrew Klutz is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Teams and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and leadership to his role as a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Teams. With a deep commitment to serving the needs of customers, Andrew specializes in customer advocacy for government and public sector organizations. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Homeland Security, with an Area of Concentration in Emergency Management. With over a decade of continued military service and 15 years of experience in emergency services, Andrew has developed a broad range of skills and experience. He is/has been certified in firefighting, emergency medical services, HAZMAT, emergency management, MEDEVAC Pilot and UAS Operator, and has worked in a variety of roles, including Assistant Chief, Operations Officer, Assistant Training Officer, UAS Program Manager, and Emergency Management Training and Exercise Design Specialist. Andrew's diverse and extensive leadership and passion for our customers makes him the perfect teammate for enabling Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC).

  • Andrey Esipov

    Principal Product Manager, OneDrive

    Andrey Esipov is a Principal Product Manager on the OneDrive and Lists team focusing on building solutions that bring best-in-class performance to OneDrive and Lists web applications.

  • Arwa Tyebkhan

    Principal Group Product Manager, Microsoft

    Arwa is a Principal Group Product Manager in the Collaborate Apps & Platforms organization at Microsoft. She leads the product team for Microsoft OneDrive, with a focus on files experiences across the Web and the M365 ecosystem, and a mission to enable customers to achieve more together with industry-leading collaboration tools. Arwa is a product leader with 15 years of experience at Microsoft, and is currently a resident of Seattle, WA.

  • Balakrishnan Shanmugam

    Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

    Bala Shanmugam Principal Program Manager and seasoned professional leading the Email Services in Azure Communication Services. With a strong track record in complex solution architecture, he is driving the delivery of asynchronous communication capabilities to any application, empowering businesses, and transforming customer communications in the cloud enterprise environment.

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

    Bob German is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft focused on Microsoft 365 and Azure development, especially building apps for Microsoft Teams using the Graph API. He's been developing collaborative applications since the early days of SharePoint, and has a background in the SharePoint Framework, Azure Bot Framework, and Azure Active Directory.

    Before (re)joining Microsoft, Bob was a Microsoft MVP and Principal Architect at BlueMetal, where he led the development of numerous collaborative applications, Intranets, and other custom Office 365 and Azure based solutions.

  • Chris Hamill

    Sr. Program Manager, Fabric CAT, Microsoft

    After spending 10 years in Finance and Accounting, Chris moved into his current role as a Sr. Program Manager for Microsoft's Fabric Customer Advisory Team with a primary focus on front end reporting and user experience. In his day job he spends time working with customers to help skill up report authors and provide design guidance for high impact reporting.

  • Chris McNulty

    Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft 365

    Chris McNulty is Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft 365, Knowledge/Content Services, and Microsoft Viva. Chris’s experience as CTO includes companies such as Dell and Quest Software. He was first recognized as a SharePoint MVP in 2013, and led the consulting practice at Knowledge Management Associates, a US based Microsoft Gold Partner. A frequent speaker at events around the globe, Chris is the author of the “SharePoint 2013 Consultant’s Handbook” among other works. Chris holds an MBA from Boston College in Investment Management and has over twenty years’ experience with John Hancock, State Street, GMO and Santander. He blogs at and co-hosts the Intrazone podcast at

  • Clay Wesener

    Partner Group Product Manager, Power Apps Studio

    Clay leads the Power Apps Studio team focused on all things maker enabling the next generation of developers and app makers on the Microsoft Power Platform. Clay's team lead the maker experiences including canvas and model apps, Dataverse, Pro Developer, and AI assisted development with Copilot. Clay joined Microsoft after 10 years within the Microsoft Partner channel involved in Dynamics Finance & Operations implementations working across Asia and Europe and is now currently based in Seattle.

  • Derek Liddell

    Product Manager at Microsoft

    Derek Liddell is Product Manager at Microsoft working on the Loop app. He has been responsible for building the platform for the Loop app with our platform partners and Loop engineers. He’s had 15 years of experience at Microsoft across Office, Windows, Windows Phone, and Additionally, he has worked at 2 startups outside of Microsoft. He looks forward to Loop improving the ways we collaborate and making the world more productive.

  • Emanuele Valeriano

    Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

    Emanuele is a product manager at Microsoft for OneDrive focusing on applications for viewing, sharing, and accessing files. At Microsoft, Emanuele has also worked in Mixed Reality building the future technology for augmented reality, and in Azure enabling new storage cloud services. Prior to Microsoft, Emanuele worked as a product manager at the Innovation Garage of Johnson Controls building AI & ML products for smart buildings. Before that, Emanuele started its own business, launched an office of a consulting firm in Seattle specialized in software controls for the automotive sector, and spent a few years in a leadership program at Caterpillar.

    Emanuele has an MBA from Chicago Booth, a MS in computer science from Georgia Tech, a MS with concentration in nanotechnology form Columbia University, and a MS and BS in mechanical engineering from the Politecnico di Bari in Italy.

  • Graham Kent

    Bringing Viva Connections to life at Microsoft

    Born on the east coast, Graham has spent most of the last 20 years in Seattle working for Microsoft.
    Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, and playing with tech.

  • Harysh Menon

    Principal Program Manager, Power Automate

    Harysh Menon is a Program manager with the Power Automate team. He manages integrations and Approvals for Power Automate that looks at the different ways in which you can integrate Power Automate with Microsoft services.

  • Heather Newman

    Principal PM, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Community Success Team

    Heather currently serves as Principal PM Manager for the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community Success Engineering Team, Business Applications and Platform Group at Microsoft. She leads a charter of engagement, evangelism, and growth by building strategy, programs, and connections for our community members with Microsoft. Heather is a former Microsoft MVP for Microsoft 365 Apps and Services. Over the past twenty-two years, Heather has been a marketing executive for multiple tech companies and Head Maven and Founder of her impact consultancy, Creative Maven. As a consultant, executive event producer, and fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Heather has produced thousands of events, campaigns, and experiences in the high-tech and entertainment industries. She is also a corporate and community keynote speaker who hosts and moderates in-person and online events and company meetings. Heather loves sharing stories and interviewing people. Her sassy podcast, Mavens Do It Better, features extraordinary experts who light a spark in our world and will get a reboot in 2023. Heather is a published playwright, theatre actor, director, and graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama, Seattle, Washington. Heather is originally from Michigan and Illinois and lives in Marina del Rey, California, close to LAX, so she can continue to travel and speak around the world about healthy workplaces, leveling up one's power skills, community, and diversity & inclusion.

  • James Oleinik

    Enter the Dataverse to accelerate your development

    James leads the PM team driving the Dataverse platform that provides the low code data platform for the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 products. James joined Microsoft supporting application developers as a part of Windows Phone & Windows Dev Center groups before joining the Power Apps team during private preview in 2016. He has been a low code fanatic ever since.

  • Jeremy Thake

    Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft

    Jeremy Thake is a Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Graph engineering team. He has developed on the Microsoft platform since 1998. He has worked as a developer consultant, VP of Product at large and small ISVs. Jeremy has spoken at conferences, tweeted, blogged and run podcasts for over ten years.
    In his spare time he's raising his beautiful daughter with his wife in Seattle and screaming at the New York Rangers to shoot the puck.

  • Jessie Hwang

    Product Manager, Microsoft Teams - Microsoft

    Jessie Hwang is a Product Manager with the Microsoft Teams Customer Advocacy Group. She drives worldwide adoption of Microsoft services as the content manager for and technical readiness for IT professionals, developers, and productivity Champions, including the Microsoft 365 Champions program and the Teams Technical Community. Jessie was also a co-producer of the Virtual Event Playbook, a comprehensive guide to delivery engaging and inclusive events, and the corresponding Virtual Event Producer learning path on Microsoft Learn. She also drives the release communications process for all Microsoft Teams features, including publishing on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

  • Josh Caplan

    Principal Group Product Manager for Microsoft OneLake

    I am an experienced product manager lead with a strong record of working with customers and using data to conceive and execute on a product vision. Having also been a developer, I have a unique perspective which enables me to work well with development teams when representing customers. I excel at finding innovative ways to solve cross cutting problems. I have spent time working on all different types of software products from traditional boxed software to some of the largest online services in the world. I have a passion for solving customer problems and I work aggressively to overcome any challenges that get in the way.

  • Kartik Kanakasabesan

    Principal Product Manager

    Kartik is the Principal Product Manager for Developer Tools on Power Platform team. He has over 20 years of experience with Application Lifecycle Management Tools and Technologies. Throughout his career, Kartik has worked in various capacities with Fortune 500 companies, from consulting, deploying, and optimizing the software development lifecycle for such organizations. Prior to joining the Power Platform team, Kartik worked in Azure Security, Cloud Orchestration, and Big Data. Helping Organizations harness the power of technology and realize new capabilities is his passion

  • Karuana Gatimu

    Principal Manager, Customer Advocacy Group Microsoft Teams Engineering

    Karuana Gatimu is a business architect and productivity expert currently working in the Microsoft Teams product group. With a 25-year history in collaboration technology and corporate IT, she is experienced in Microsoft 365 services with a focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. She combines her technical expertise with a passion for community management and a #PeopleFirst approach to business transformation. Her team currently drives worldwide adoption of Microsoft 365 services, product feedback, and technical readiness for IT professionals, developers, and productivity Champions, including the Microsoft 365 Champions program and the Teams Technical Community. Her specialized experience in enterprise, government, non-profit, and retail solution architecture allows her to build large scale adoption programs and create the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist and Virtual Event Production courses. She is the host & executive producer of Coffee in the Cloud on YouTube and a frequent speaker on empowering female leadership in technology and the future of collaboration.

  • Katie Anderson

    Sr Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Viva

    Katie Anderson is a Sr Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Viva, focused on Viva Goals and Viva’s Go-to-Market strategy. She has worked at Microsoft for 7 years, primarily in the Security & Compliance space across product marketing and business development roles. Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked as a software implementation consultant for government revenue agencies, advising and building systems with governments across the US and SE Asia.

  • Lesha Bhansali

    Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

    Lesha is a Senior Product Manager in the M365 Experiences + Devices team where she focuses on building smart, performant and delightful experiences to enable customers to quickly access their files.

  • Lincoln DeMaris

    Product Manager for Micrsoft Lists

    I'm the lead product manager for Microsoft Lists. Tell me about your favorite lists! I love hearing feedback on what we could do better.

  • Liz Sundet

    Sr. Program Manager

    Liz is a Program Manager at Microsoft and former Office Apps and Services MVP. Liz loves a challenge, so everything from a business problem to troubleshooting an error in a system is just another learning opportunity. As a trainer and international speaker, she hopes to inspire others to learn something they can apply to their own work immediately. When she is not working in SharePoint or traveling, you may find her in a variety of activities as diverse as she is: playing music, riding motorcycles, training her dog and even a craft or two. You can follow her on twitter @percusn.

  • Marcel Ferreira

    Senior Program Manager, Power Platform

    Senior Program Manager in the Power Platform, working to build the tools to facilitate the collaboration between code-first developers and low-code developers. Marcel has experience as software developer and technical architect for business applications (development, integrations and Application Lifecycle Management) and now relentlessly working to improve the ISV & Pro-Dev Experience on the platform.

  • Maria Espino

    CEO/President of The Last Prophecy Gaming, Inc.

    Maria comes with an innate passion for the work she does and how it affects the people around her, focusing on consistency and standardization to benefit adoption of technological tools for her teams. That passion runs deep. She has had to reinvent herself several times over in her lifetime. From a Ph.D. in Egyptology to becoming a Microsoft Cloud Architect, nothing has stuck more than her love of technology and what we can make that technology do. Almost everything she knows has been self-taught inspired and spurred on by her own love of learning. She strongly believes that knowledge is something that can never leave you.

    In her career, Maria has created a gaming community that boasts over 5000 members worldwide, mentored her team to expand beyond their own limits, encouraged others to be more than they think they are, demanded of her colleagues to think outside the box, encouraged development teams to always think like a user first, and inspired the younger generation to be excited about not only technology but gaming as a viable career. This is an important part of who Maria is. And it is exactly how she manages her own company’s teams. She encourages them to self-direct and self-govern and utilize the tools that technology provides for us to their full capacity. She gently pushes people to be a better version of themselves.

    She wants to engage the world with her passion for technology and video games, her drive for success, her advocacy for Cystic Fibrosis as a patient herself and a champion for others with disabilities, and not only seize opportunities that come before her but more importantly provide them to others.

  • Mariela Passalacqua

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager

    Mariela is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager driving SMB Teams. Focusing on building the future of SMB Teams products, strategy, and core messaging.

  • Mark Kashman

    Senior product manager - SharePoint in Microsoft 365

    Mark is a senior product manager on the SharePoint & OneDrive team focused primarily on SharePoint in Office 365. He has worked at MSFT since 2000. He started working with SharePoint building a digital asset management (DAM) solution built on top of SharePoint 2007 (IMM, the Interactive Media Manager) before moving to the SharePoint team. Mark co-hosts The Intrazone podcast ( – a show about the SharePoint intelligent intranet. He lives in the Sammamish, WA area and enjoys kayaking, soccer, hiking, Dad’ness, and quiet-bird-chirping moments for reading and writing books - when not playing that darned addictive Bejeweled. Twitter/@MKashman

  • Mark Kromer

    Microsoft Azure Principle PM Manager

    Mark is Principal Product Manager for Microsoft Azure Data Factory and has been with Microsoft for 13 years. Prior to that, Mark was also a data and analytics PM for Pentaho, Oracle, and AT&T.

  • Max Fritz

    Microsoft Product Manager

    Max is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Education. He focuses on improving collaboration and productivity, and has worked with Office 365 for the past ten years. He is a self-proclaimed geek, passionate about a broad range of messaging and collaboration tools and can't stop talking about the technology he loves.
    Max is the founder of the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group, and holds various Microsoft certifications. Max can be found speaking at Microsoft 365 conferences all over the country.

  • Megan Olsen

    Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

    I've been at Microsoft for over 17 years as a consultant and FTE across various teams always focusing on providing the best experience for the customer. I'm currently in Microsoft Teams focused on high-value business-to-customer virtual appointment engagement solutions. As the world is shifting from in-person to hybrid, we need to adapt to the needs of the expert-to-client engagements.

  • Miceile Barrett

    Principal Product Manager 

    Miceile is a Principal Product Manager in the Collaborate Apps & Platforms orgnization at Microsoft. Her area of ownership and focus include Microsoft Lists, OneDrive, and Files across Microsoft. 

  • Michael Holste

    Sr Product Marketing Manager, Viva

    Michael Holste is a product marketing manager at Microsoft focusing on employee engagement in Microsoft Viva and Yammer. Prior to this position, he served as a tech consultant specializing in integrated marketing strategy, community management and adoption, organizational culture, and workplace transformation for Fortune 500 organizations, nonprofits and higher education. He holds an MBA in marketing and a B.A in communication.

  • Michelle Gilbert

    Microsoft Director Modern Work Customer Success | President MN M365 User Group | Former MVP

    Director of Modern Work Customer Success responsible for Microsoft’s largest global enterprise customer. Former Teams Technical Specialist, Microsoft MVP and Office 365 solution architect in the Twin Cities, MN. She has been delivering business collaboration solutions for years with her focus on Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Office 365. Michelle is the board President of the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group, community organizer of MN M365 Workshop Day and has been a member of the SharePoint community since 2009.

  • Miguel Llopis

    Group Product Manager, Citizen Data Integration @ Microsoft

    The Citizen Data Integration team at Microsoft builds the product capabilities that empower several millions of Citizen users to ingest & transform data of any shape and size within a wide range of Microsoft products: Power BI, Power Apps, Excel, Dynamics 365 Insights Applications, Azure Data Factory and more.

    Technologies built by our team include Power Query, the M language and runtime, Dataflows, Connectors and the Gateway/VNet capabilities that enable best-in-class hybrid connectivity from the Microsoft Cloud to any data source.

    As a Group Product Manager, I lead a world-class team of Product Managers and Technical Program Managers that drive product vision and making it a product reality.

  • Mik Ferland

    Senior Product Manager

    Mik Ferland is a Product Manager for the Power Platform Governance team. He is passionate about helping CISOs and IT administrators safely unlock Power Platform's full potential with the help of security, governance and compliance tooling.

  • Milan Kaur

    Product Manager, Microsoft

    Milan is a seasoned software engineer turned product manager passionate about building innovative communication tools. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field of cloud communications. Milan has worked on several high-profile projects, including developing communication services for Microsoft Teams. In her current role at Microsoft, Milan leads evangelism efforts for Azure Communication Services. When she's not working, she enjoys doodling, creating content for social media, and practicing yoga.

  • Nicole Woon

    Senior Product Manager

    Nicole Woon is a senior product manager at Microsoft. Her focus is building features and systems that help customers create beautiful, well-crafted SharePoint sites and pages. Nicole is an active leader with the Society of Women Engineers and serves as a program coordinator for women and early-in-career initiatives.

  • Nirav Shah

    Vice President, Microsoft Dataverse

    Nirav Shah is the Vice President for Microsoft Dataverse, the low-code data platform underpinning the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Throughout his Microsoft career, Nirav has been focused simplifying application development - be it for professional developers using Visual Studio, to enabling business applications natively in Office, to supporting customizable enterprise applications using D365 and Dataverse.

  • Norah Liu

    Principal Product Manager - Microsoft

    Bringing the power of AI to app authoring.

  • Priya Vaidyanathan

    Product leader @ Power Pages

    Priya leads the product team for Power Pages to help anyone who wants to create, get started building and become successful on the platform.

  • Quentin Kramer

    KnowledgeLake, Sr Sales Executive

    Quentin brings over 30 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes understand and adopt emerging technologies like VoIP, SIP, Unified Communications, WebRTC, and robotic process automation to improve and streamline operations. Along the way, he’s had a chance to act in virtually every role across sales and pre-sales including SE, Solution Architect, Sales Exec, and practice lead, most notably as VP Messaging & Applications at Carousel Industries and Director of Unified Communications for Strategic Products and Services (now a ConvergeOne company). Quentin brings with him deep relationships in the commercial customer space as well as throughout Microsoft and the partner communities we work in.

  • Salil Kanade

    Product Manager on the Synapse Data Warehouse team @ Microsoft

  • Sandeep Dhanrajani

    Principal Product Manager- Microsoft

    A product and technology leader building business application products, platforms, and solutions on Power Pages and Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Sara Cummings

    Product Manager at Microsoft

    Sara is a Product Manager on the Pages authoring team. She focuses on elevating the SharePoint author's experience through improvements in the text editor, section templates, and sending News Posts to email.

  • Sean Fiene

    Microsoft, SR Product Marketing Manager

    Developer, Solution Architect, Process Expert and Technical Trainer

  • Shane Chism

    Group Product Manager, Microsoft Loop

    Shane Chism is a Microsoft Product Management veteran of 11 years, currently leading the PM team for the new Microsoft Loop app. In previous roles, he has contributed to products such as Microsoft Identity, Office and Microsoft 365, Windows, Windows Phone, and HoloLens.

    Shane has created a brand for merging technology and user experience together in ways that put the customer at the center and recognizes the need to bring humanity back into productivity.

  • Simon Matthews

    Principal PM Manager, Make.PowerApps


  • Stephen Siciliano

    Vice President of Power Automate, Microsoft

    Stephen Siciliano is the Vice President of Power Automate, a low-code application within Microsoft's Power Platform portfolio that enables anyone to create automated workflows that reduce manual, repetitive tasks using low-code, drag-and-drop tools. It's simple to automate repetitive tasks with hundreds of pre-built connectors, thousands of templates, and AI assistance. End-to-end processes can be recorded and visualized using process and task mining with process advisor, with AI Builder making your automation even smarter.
    Prior to founding Power Automate, Stephen worked on Azure Logic Apps, Azure Autoscale, and Azure Alerts. He joined Microsoft in March 2013, when Microsoft acquired MetricsHub, a SaaS company that kept its customers' cloud applications up and running at the lowest possible cost. He was a co-founder and Chief Design Officer of MetricsHub.
    Stephen holds Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Physics from the University of Michigan.

  • Taiki Yoshida

    Microsoft, Power CAT, Principal Program Manager

    I belong to Microsoft's Power CAT (Customer Advisory Team) helping and empowering customers to do more with Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Tasha Scott

    Maker | Senior Product Manager, Power Apps Studio | Microsoft

    I was a citizen developer before it was cool. It is cool now, right?
    I've used both low code and code-forward technologies to build enterprise line of business solutions for almost 15 years across both public and private sectors and inside Microsoft. Let's talk about enabling folks closest to challenges in your organization to solve tough problems with incredible solutions!

  • Tiffany Lee

    Product Manager II at Microsoft

    Tiffany is a Product Manager II in the Customer Advocacy Group (CAG) within the Microsoft 365 product group. With a background serving the public sector-state and local government customers and her current expertise being community manager for MGCI (Microsoft Global Community Initiative), Microsoft Champions and SMB Champions community, she brings a plethora of knowledge, expertise and #communityluv serving our Microsoft community members globally and at scale. Tiffany led the creation of our digital Virtual Event Playbook and is a product lead of the Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations (TEOC) Application template.

  • Tom Resing

    Content designer @ Microsoft focused on M365

    Senior content designer - Microsoft
    Focused on design of Microsoft 365 products for people who make things. Lead UX writer for Microsoft Syntex.

  • Yogesh Gupta

    Sr. Product Manager @ Power Apps

    Currently, my focus is to modernize Power Apps and enable great maker experiences. I believe that we have a responsibility to make technology more accessible & low code is a great step towards the same.

    My Microsoft experience has provided me opportunities to work across different products in different roles – Product Manager for Power Apps & Power Pages, UX designer for D365 Sales & Customer Service and Technical PM on Microsoft Teams for Mobile platform.

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